This blog is the story of my 5 year plan to go from zero to financial independence, through career progression, investing in shares, becoming a landlord and building a business.

At the time of starting I’m 40, have about 1400 in the bank.  Debts of 16000, and 40000 in a pension.  I own no property, I’m unemployed and been forced to move back in with my parents…  I’ve been looking for work for 6 months.  If you think that’s a bleak picture then I’m inclined to agree with you.

The shit hit the fan a while ago.  The old cliche that life begins at 40 now seems disturbingly apt.

Now seems a good time to turn things around.

Goals by 2021

My goal is to have passive income of £2500 per month.

The will be split across three areas, with the contribution from each type looking something like this:

  • Property Income of £850 per month
    • Split across three rental properties
  • Dividend Income of £850 per month
    • At a dividend yield of 4% this requires holdings of £255,000.
  • Side Business Income of £800 per month

Am I being overly optimistic or just plain stupid!? My quarterly Income Reports will track my performance.  Time will tell if my reports are inspiring, or just plain embarrassing.

If you’re interested in World Travel, Dividend Investing and becoming a Digital Nomad then hopefully this blog will be of interest.

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