Finding Utopia In South East Asia

kohsamui south east asiaHave you had enough of the miserable weather? The one hour commute on a train, packed in like cattle… Being micro-managed by a clueless boss…

Digital Nomad Fantasy

What’s the alternative? A morning stroll along a tropical beach, followed by a mango juice on your balcony, before logging on and starting your working day?

Are you having a giraffe mate?

-Mr Cockney Geezer

The Affordable Reality

It’s easy to dismiss the idea as a far-fetched fantasy. However, plenty of people are actually living that lifestyle. Some are living it large, whilst others are just scraping by.

Either way, there’s a lot to be said for sunshine and sandals…

Utopia Quadrant – South East Asia

I’ve borrowed some of the data from the great site I’ve put together a little “Gartner style” matrix which combines cost of living and quality of life.

The top right quadrant is cheap with a great quality of life. Meanwhile, the bottom left is more expensive, with a generally lower quality of life.

south east asia cost of living

The x-axis is cost, £2200 to £250. On the y-axis liveability. An average of Fun, Safety, Air Quality and Internet.

Thailand Fares Well

With it’s low cost of living, Thailand is well represented. Ko Samui and Phuket are towards the top right, the sweet spot. Hong Kong shows a good quality of life but is more costly.

Bandung and Canggu are two places i’m unfamiliar with, but are worth investigating if you’re considering a stint in Asia. In Bandung for just £400 you would be able to cover your monthly costs.

Remote Working Setup

Maybe the idea of shipping off to Vietnam or Thailand is a bit of a stretch for you. If it has crossed your mind maybe you can swing a remote working arrangement with your current employer. Or maybe you can build up a stash and go solo…

In this day and age with a hyper-connected world and more flexible working patterns it’s possible to work from almost anywhere.

Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. The weather, nasty mosquitoes and being away from family and friends can be a challenge. It is an interesting idea though.

Early Semi-Retirement

Given the price of property in the UK, retiring to a life of leisure on the South coast isn’t on the cards anytime soon.

However, an early retirement to somewhere with a lower cost of living, see the top right of the utopia quadrant is a more realistic proposition.

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