Income Report – 2016 June Start

These quarterly updates will track my progress…  Or lack thereof, in which case they’ll serve as a kick up the backside.

You’re reading the first report ever.  As you can see below, i’m starting from £-16060.

Lighthouse taking a battering

A lack of long-term thinking and a few unfortunate incidents have brought me here.   Having spent the last few years living on the breadline i’m ready to turn things around.

This quote seems quite apt…

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

-Winston Churchill

If you prefer a visual metaphor, this lighthouse taking a battering seems fit for purpose.

Recap Of Previous Quarter


  • Get a job: I’ve been having interviews, but the recruitment cycle seems very slow.  Something promising is on the radar, hopefully it works out.  Conclusion: FAIL
  • Build Emergency Fund: Does adding £115 count?  That’s less than £40 / Month.  FAIL
  • Build time management tool: Very little progress made.  How ironic.  FAIL

Semi Passive Income for previous Quarter

  • Property: £0
  • Dividends: £0
  • SideBiz: £0

Net Worth – June 2016

  • Debt: £ – 16200
  • Shares: £0
  • Emergency Fund: £140
  • Total: £ -16060

Aims for Next Quarter

  • Get blog started.
    • Publish once a week.
    • Connect with other bloggers.
  • Get a job.
  • Start Investment Portfolio.
    • Decide on percentage allocation.
  • Start Saving towards Investment Property 1.
  • Supplement Emergency Fund.  Save a minimum of one month’s expenses.

Three of the five aims are very dependent on me getting a job.  So that’s the number one aim.  If that happens I should be able to complete the other financial aims.


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