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The start of 2017 has seen upheaval on the personal front, involving moving house and some related expenses.  I didn’t pay much attention to the blog, until I received a message from GoDaddy advising me that my site had been compromised.

A disaster.  It’s taken a while to clean things up and get the site back in working order.  I have belatedly realised that GoDaddy have some decent tools which I wasn’t using.  Auto upgrades and backups… these would have saved me a load of grief if i’d spent a little more time configuring them, but alas.

Anyway, numbers wise, lets see how things went.

Recap of quarter

  • Max out yearly ISA allowance

PARTIAL SUCCESS, I managed to throw another £7000 into the ISA account before the cut off point, bringing my total contributions to £9200.  I didn’t max out the £15000 allowance, but made decent progress none the less.  I shall make periodic additions the coming year to ensure this gets maxxed out.

  • Purchase shares in line with plan

FAIL, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why my valuation spreadsheet wasn’t working, turns out yahoo had stopped publishing certain data feeds used by the add-ins i’d installed.  Without the lack of guidance on value I wasn’t prepared to take the plunge.  So no purchases in the first 3 months of 2017.  But I am getting twitchy…

Semi Passive Income for previous 3 months

  • Property: £0
  • Dividends: £14.90
  • P2P Loans: £0.73
  • SideBiz: £0

My first dividend payment.  Ever.  It’s not a huge amount but it does feel good to receive my first payment.  Now I just need that to be about 150 times bigger and to arrive each quarter and i’ll have reached the goal I set myself…

P2P is ticking along at a measly amount.  It was an experiment with Zopa, but they have recently announced a change in their investment plans so I don’t think the future holds a great deal of promise.

Net Worth – April 2017

  • Property: £0
  • Shares Value: £1776  (Previous £1670)
  • Cash in ISA Share Account: £7110 (Previous £110)
  • Zopa Account: £103.54
  • Emergency Fund: £2804 (Previous £2301)
  • Debt: £-16200 (Previous £-16200)
  • Total Net Worth:  £-4406.46 (Previous £-11739.74)

I’m quite pleased to see my net worth approaching zero.  Sounds odd to say it, but starting from a pretty bad negative number working upwards.

Aims for next quarter

  • Establish savings fund for property
  • Deposit £5000 in ISA account
  • Purchase shares in line with plan

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