Income Report – 2017 January

lighthouse in snowThe end of 2016 was pretty crazy so I’m writing this post retrospectively.  This will help me track how far i’ve come when I look back.

Recap of quarter

  • Increase Emergency Fund to 3 months

FAIL, I edged over one months worth of living expenses, so just over a third of the way.

  • Add £6000 to share account

FAIL, I managed to push another £800 into my ISA account.  This got “invested” in Interserve which promptly slid a long way down.

  • Put aside £6000 for investment property 1

FAIL, I think this may have been too optimistic, not even close.

  • Publish 1 blog post per week, get 100 visits to the website

FAIL, I have been crazy busy at work, and haven’t had the energy to write posts in the evening.  Need to set the bar a little lower on this.

Semi Passive Income for previous Quarter

  • Property: £0
  • Dividends: £0
  • P2P Loans: £0.96
  • SideBiz: £0

Net Worth – 2017 January

  • Property: £0
  • Shares Value: £1962  (Previous £0)
  • Cash in ISA Share Account: £95 (Previous £2200)
  • Zopa Account: £102.66 (Previous 101.69)
  • Emergency Fund: £2301 (Previous £1800)
  • Debt: £-16200 (Previous £-16200)
  • Total Net Worth: £-11739.34 (Previous £-12098.31)

Aims for next quarter

  • Max out yearly ISA allowance
  • Purchase shares in line with plan

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