Income Report – 2017 July


sunny lighthouseThe last three months have been quite busy on the investing front.  I’ve installed a great app called teletrader on my phone.  It’s pretty much what I would have built if I had the skill and vision… Anyway, it doesn’t cost anything so it’s helping me stay abreast of things.

Recap of quarter

  • Establish savings fund for property

SUCCESS, I’ve managed to kick this off with £3919, i’m also actively looking at properties… Which is to say, I haven’t physically looked at any, but i’m scanning Rightmove and Zoopla.  I’ll need to get this amount to about 5 times what it is now before I make the jump.

  • Deposit £5000 in ISA account

SUCCESS, In the last 3 months i’ve managed to hit this target. That’s a quarter of the yearly ISA allowance done and dusted.

  • Purchase shares in line with plan

PARTIAL SUCCESS, I’ve been quite active on the share purchasing.  I’ve managed to mostly stick to my trends, however i’ve overpaid for Severn Trent and I probably need to check my weightings.  I’m tending towards smaller riskier stocks so I need to buy a few more mammoth companies to get the balance back and eliminate some risk.

Below are the purchases i’ve made over the last 3 months:

Blue Prism, 300 shares at 686p – This was long overdue, it’s an automation company which I’ve been monitoring since it’s IPO, it’s currently sitting at 824p.  I don’t expect to see a dividend from this, but it’s in THE growth industry of the next decade.

Legal and General, 786 shares at 252p – i’m expecting this to yield over 5% – although i missed the ex-dividend date which is a pain.

Severn Trent, 77 at 2536p – this fitted in with my water theme, however I was too keen and bought the shares when they were trading above their historical P/E. They’ve since dropped 10% so it’s a shame I wasn’t more patient to buy them at a fair price.

Alstria Office REIT, 92 shares at 12.68 euros – this is a German REIT which leases offices across Germany.  I’m betting on a gradual exodus of Banks and financial services from the UK to Europe.  I couldn’t find a company concentrated in Frankfurt which would have been ideal.

Medica Group, 851 shares at 232.75p – at the end of June I bought these shares.  Medica Group is a company which outsources the analysis of radiology scans for hospitals. It’s a fragmented industry ripe for consolidation and this company seems very sound.  I’m hoping this will grow nicely.

IG Group, 350 shares at 571p – My final purchase for the quarter , this is the company I use for my ISA account.  In my experience they’re a professional operation.  The price had taken a big hit on bad industry news, but I decided it had been overdone.

Semi Passive Income for previous 3 months

  • Property: £0
  • Dividends: £0
  • P2P Loans: £0.58
  • SideBiz: £0

No Dividend payments this month…  Only five of my eight shares pay a dividend and given that i’ve missed the ex-dividend date for some of those i’ll have to wait until next quarter for my next dividend payment.

Net Worth – July 2017

  • PropertySavings: £3919
  • Shares Value: £11892 (Previous £1776)
  • Cash in ISA Share Account: £1032 (Previous £7110)
  • Zopa Account: £104.12
  • Cryptocurrency: £903.86
  • Emergency Fund: £2797 (Previous £2804)
  • Debt: £-16200 (Previous £-16200)
  • Total Net Worth:  £4447.98 (Previous £-4406.46)

Ok, so this is good.  For the first time in 10 years my net worth is above zero just 1 year after making the plan.  In this example even though I haven’t managed to stick rigidly to plan i’m still  way ahead of where I was previously.  I’m happy to finally get my property saving kicked off, since this is what I expect ultimately to be the biggest earner.

You may notice the cryptocurrency line.  This has to be counted as speculative, i’m expecting there to be mayhem around the 1st August when bitcoin forks.

Aims for next quarter

  • Get the property savings up to £20000
  • Deposit another £3000 in ISA account
  • Ensure the emergency fund is up to 2 months living expenses
  • Only purchase shares at a fair price

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