Top Ten Stylish Black Watches

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A respectable watch is something that every gent should aspire to wear once in a while. A really good watch will hold it’s value, improve others perceptions of you, and make you look like an ersatz George Clooney.

In certain lines of work it’s necessary to dress the part, in which case you probably already have a goto “timepiece”. If you’ve got the sudden urge to blow five grand on a watch, i’d like to recommend something less extravagant yet still stylish (see below) and that you invest the other 80%.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve put together a list of ten of the most stylish black watches in the world. Why black? Well, black is the new black.

All of these come in between £200 and £800. So, if you want something to remember your whopping bonus by a) get a great watch and b) invest the rest. Otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself in ten years time, whilst pawning your collection of Rolex and Tag Heuer’s for scrumpy n a pack of fags. Well, maybe a six pack..

Let’s start with Obama’s watch.

Jorg Gray Men’s Quartz Watch JG6500

Jorg-Gray model JG 6500

This model of Jorg Gray was given to Obama as a gift by his secret service team. I’m guessing these probably don’t have hidden tracking devices, but they do look the business.

If it’s smart enough for Obama to wear whilst he rubs shoulders with world leaders, it’s smart enough for your weekly status meetings. Price £269. Buy It Here

Maurice Lacroix Eliros EL1088M

Maurice Lacroix Eliros EL1088 Mens Chronograph Black
A damn fine looking watch if I do say so. This Lacroix one of my favourites. It has a fine Swiss pedigree as evidenced by this sleek design. If someone wants to buy you an engagement watch direct them here. Price £581. Buy It Here

Botta Design Uno

This revolutionary watch from Botta Design dispenses with two hands. Instead, a single hand shows the imperceptible advance of an hour rather than each passing minute. All superfluous elements are removed and the result in a masterpiece of design. Price £802. Buy It Here

Tissot Men’s PRC 200

Tissot are somewhat of a benchmark in luxury watch circles. This timepiece is satisfyingly chunky and nicely proportioned throughout. The sub-dials add interest and the black leather strap combines well. Price £584. Buy It Here

Autran & Viala Men’s Aviator

Autra And Viala Mens AviatorThe Aviator draws it’s inspiration from classic pilot watches. A very readable dial, with a quality leather strap. Be sure to wear this next time you take your biplane out for a spin. Price £410.
Buy It Here

Mondaine Helvetica No1 Regular

Mondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 40mm Black Dial
A simple, elegant timepiece. Mondaine have a good reputation and this is a beautifully contructed watch. For such a classy watch this is a very reasonable price to pay. Price £248. Buy It Here

Laco Munster Type A Dial Swiss

Laco Munster Swiss Pilot WatchAnother fine pilot’s watch. The large chunky dial is kept nice and simple to ensure readability. The deep brown of the strap means this will match most outfits, whilst the two rivets give it a slightly rugged look. Price £642. Buy It Here

Tissot T Lord Automatic

Tissot T-Lord Automatic Black Calfskin

A beautifully elegant watch. This masterpiece from Tissot will be a conversation starter in any company. Oozes class. Price £763. Buy It Here

Botta Design Nova

Botta NOVA Carbon Black Edition Automatic

Ultra modern styling on the front side contrasts with the exposed mechanism on the rear. The low profile on this watch and the minimalist feel combine to give it understated class. £759. Buy It Here

Seiko Men’s Chronograph Watch SNDA65

Seiko Men's Chronograph SNDA65 Black DialSeiko are a well known brand and their watches, mechanically, are some of the very best. The SNDA65 is a solid watch that will draw nods of approval from people in the know. Price £368. Buy It Here

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